I am a 42 year old guy with a unique look at the the world around us. My life has taken me from growing up in the desert of southern California to many interesting places. My current career is one that I am passionate about and that is being an RN in the emergency room. Medicine gives me an opportunity to help those who need it and to learn about how our amazing bodies work.

Other experiences in my life have given me a perspective of all types of people and what makes them tick. I have been in the Marine corps, worked as a bouncer, Private Investigator, Security, Construction, and food service. In my opinion the food service is what really prepared me for the majority of the others.

A few years ago I was asked to be on a writing team for a circulating newsletter for the ER in Indianapolis. I guess it was because I mentioned to someone that out of all the assignments that we received in nursing school,  it was the writing assignments that I really enjoyed. So as fate would have it, I began to write and write and discovered that I really liked it and here I am!!

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