In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symbol.”

The saying a picture says a thousand words is so widely used in our attempts to place idea behind image. For example celebrities are always being photographed in the presence of someone their spouse would disapprove.It may be a purely innocent encounter and the photographer wants you to believe that they were together in the club. The engagement ring on the rail is a peculiar picture in that is is not on the finger of a would be bride nor in the hand of the giver of said ring. It is a beautiful picture non the less and yet in its simplicity it provokes a myriad of confused emotions. While the 1000 words can be applied to this wonder piece a thousand words are not always the correct words.

In a since, the picture conjures up feelings of sadness for the unfortunate and possibly ill timed proposal. Quite possibly it was the unfortunate man who had accidentally left it on the rail after showing it to his future best man. In any case the picture generates thought and takes a simple object and makes you think about the symbolism behind the things we see.

Great picture!!

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