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Blue sky
Blue sky

Top O’ The Morn to Ye!!. I want to thank you all for visiting my blog. I have thought about this blog for several years and finally reached a point in my life that I can deliver the content that I want. I believe that before you can teach a subject you must have a spectacular understanding of the material. Medicine always came easy to me for some reason. I feel like it my duty to bring that understanding to you the reader. In just a few days since the launching of this the blog it has become international…….WHAT?? …yep that’s right!!  This makes me smile (huge smile).

My blog is for the curious and the brave with an interest in the body and how it works, medicines, diseases, and sometimes some psychological stuff. My intent is NOT to bedazzle you with fantastic words or outlandish claims, but mostly to get you to think about health. The format should be mostly understood by the general public but detailed enough for nursing applications. There might be times where the subject gets a bit deep and I will do my best to break it down. Feel free to send me a request for further explanation if you would so choose.

When we are born we do not come standard with an instruction manual to reference throughout life. Hell, it would be worthless for the start of and some of the end of life. It would have been nice to read the dating and girls section ahead of time for sure. That would have saved me hours of pain and suffering (Laughing to my self). Seriously now, we have only to go by the guidance of the ones who brought us into the world. In some instances parents don’t really know what they are doing. I can imagine the spirit of Darwin and Dr. Spock looking over the shoulders of some parents out there and just shaking their head in disgust. BTW, that is the world famous baby guidance doctor Spock!! not the Sci-Fi space guy with the pointy ears and strange digital salute.

Medicine, despite the TV shows depiction is very complex its dirty, grimy, and sometimes downright disgusting. Our insides are messy and how they function helps set the stage for the outside appearance. For some its sad to say that beauty is clearly on the inside. I will try to keep it clean as much as possible but it wouldn’t be right to just sugar coat everything. With that said, if you are planning on becoming a nurse or a doctor pay attention because the things I write about you will most likely come across sometime in the future.

So please! enjoy this blog as I will update it with a new subject as often as possible. It may not always be serious and sometimes depending on the subject I might have to put a rating at the start. As always, I hope that it will be as fun to read as it was for me to write. OH and I take my own photos,the background for this page was the ice crystals that formed on my car window last winter and I thought it made an amazing picture.   Austin

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